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It's simple to get yourself a free USA dating account with US Dating group. Simply fill in the form and gain instant access to your own account where you can create your very own dating profile. Include information such as your likes, dislikes, hobbies, ideal first date, what you had for breakfast, how many teeth you have etc and upload a photograph of yourself for members of the opposite sex to see. We advise that you don't add the photograph taken after the night out last year - you know, the one with the pint glass, the sausage roll and the vacuum cleaner? Oh you don't? Maybe that's just the webmaster then...

Once you've created your dating profile you are free to search all of the members of USA Dating Group and see who tickles your fancy. Whilst you're searching through tens of thousands of funny singles you may also find that they are contacting you! If you think this sounds good, register your details below. Registration takes just a few seconds and you will gain instant access to a lot of funny people that will make you laugh, or laugh at your jokes.

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We have all the tools you need to find an online dating match in the USA. Whatever excuses you did have, you can stop using them now! Apart from having thousands upon thousands of single male and female members, we also offer a selection of online dating tools to our full members, which can be seen below. Now, what's your excuse? Take the plunge, click here to register for free now!


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